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Emergency Implantation
The Emergency Immediate Implant-Tooth (Not a Tooth in a Day, but a Tooth Today)

Should you loose a tooth that is visible when smiling, like most people, you want it replaced right now. That is why we offer  the emergency Implant Tooth.

Since 1992 Dr. Kaiser has been perfecting the procedure of extracting the failed tooth, then immediately placing a dental implant and an esthetic  temporary crown is worn until a custom porcelain crown can be manufactured.

Obviously, it is better when tooth removal can be planned for, but sometimes a tooth is simply and abruptly lost. Under these circumstances, you may call our office between 7 am to 11 am Monday through Friday, and we can usaully see you that same day and replace your tooth using an implant.

Dr. Kaiser considers the immediate tooth implant to be superior to the more common protocol of extraction and socket grafting, followed by implant placement several months later for these reasons:

1. Start to finish is approximately ten to twelve weeks compared to six to eight months.

2. Similar success rate.

3. The patient immediately receives a replica of the tooth that was lost compared to    receiving a removable tooth held in place by a plate covering the roof or floor of the mouth.

4. Taste, speech, and function are not impacted.

5. The cost is usually less.

6. Maintenance of a normal and esthetic gum line is enhanced.


1. Sometimes it is not possible to place the implant in one day and have a reasonable expectation of a successful outcome. A case with very advanced bone loss due to an active infection is one such example. Should this be the case it is usaully best to plan for extraction at a later date and following healing consider an implant.

2. Also, sometimes even if the implant is placed it may not be possible to place a temporary crown. This is uncommon but should this be the case another option for a temporary must be selected.

3. The most common problem is breaking of the temporary crown, which will not happen if patient follows post op instructions.

4. About 1 to 2% of the time the implant fails. Should this rare event occur the implant will be replaced at no charge.


The fee will range between $2400-3100. The fee is inclusive of examination and x-rays, extraction of the tooth and/or root, placement of the implant, and graft if needed, the abutment and modification, and fabrication of an esthetic temporary crown. The fee for the final crown which is placed in 10-12 weeks can range between $900-$2000, depending on the dentist you choose and the abutment choice that is made.
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